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Shadows and Earthquakes in our Community
Our community was once again besieged by a gunman.  The small university town of Moscow, Idaho is considered safe with a low crime rate, boasting small town personal connections.  I want to exclaim to my friends worldwide that hear about this sad e [ Read Full Post ... ]
Radical Love – Introducing #LoveSparks !
Recently, I was talking to a friend, and a very clear, very powerful message came through... Someone who was next to us observing stated, "Oh my gosh, that sounded like a Love Bomb!" I loved it! However, in keeping with the theme of my wo [ Read Full Post ... ]
Joy in the Journey
A beautiful way I experience my life being guided by my heart, my intuition and spirit is when I step into new environments. Traveling, especially by myself, creates opportunities for trusting my "gut instinct" that I don't  always call upon when [ Read Full Post ... ]
My Yucky, Messy, Glorious Life
In my 'Hurricane of Love' post I spoke about being in the eye of the storm, with the storm being a recent health concern.  Concern is what it was -  not an actual diagnosis of cancer - just a "concern" that I might have cancer. I didn't have cance [ Read Full Post ... ]
The Flow of Healing Begins Where It’s Needed Most…
Below is a letter from someone I worked with doing a virtual healing session that was initiated as a request for healing for her husband. What transpired through the session was evidence that spirit tends to know where the healing is needed [ Read Full Post ... ]
A Divine Walk
I've had a few challenging moments in the last few days... These challenges are really pretty big stuff as far as life challenges go.  I notice now that I'm able to flow through life struggles with an ease and clarity that wasn't mine years ago. [ Read Full Post ... ]
Existential Crises & Epiphanies at The Brewfest
I suppose attending a Blues and Brews festival in Kennewick may not seem congruent for a woman devoted to sharing the experience of spiritual energy. Okay... so the idea of coming here with my husband, a devoted and excellent home-brewer, wasn [ Read Full Post ... ]
My I AM Musings…
I have only written about two or three poems in my life - I swear.  One was for Irene Gustafson right before she died.  This is one I wrote while walking along a beautiful river in Thompson Falls, Montana in April.  It was a gift to me from Spirit [ Read Full Post ... ]
Top Ten Reasons to Connect with Sparks of the Divine
Every year I am asked to have a booth at the U of I Health & Wellness Fair.  This is an afternoon where all the local businesses that are promoting well-being are invited to share their businesses with the college students.  I love connecting w [ Read Full Post ... ]
I Am In a Hurricane of LOVE!
I am definitely thinking of hurricanes the past week... My dear friend chose an exciting time to visit Hawaii. She gets to now say she was in a hurricane once in her life - Hurricane Iselle. Although my friend had no choice but to stay in Hawaii, [ Read Full Post ... ]

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