Hello & Welcome…

I want to welcome and invite you to spend a few moments with me. My hope and intention, both for the work I do, and for this website – is that in some way, you are able to find a “spark” of joy, a deeper connection, and discover your own profound abilities to find peace and understanding within yourself.

Learn more about me and my story, read some of my Sparks Notes on my blog, learn each of the ways you can Work With Me, and read Love Notes of other people’s experiences.

Most importantly, I hope you allow yourself to settle in, explore, and begin our energetic exchange right here through this site…whatever that “spark” of curiosity was that brought you here, I hope you honor and make space for it.

I’d love to hear from you. Reach out and contact me with a question, comment, or just to make the connection. I look forward to getting to know you.

In peace and gratitude,

xo Barbara Rose

Are you ready to "play" with Spirit?

Click the button below, and I will send you a divinely prepared gift from me to you - a taste of the fun and play that can be had with Spirit and energy. 

~ R.C.

“Barbara has a passionate enthusiasm for light and healing. Her quantum touch is healing, gentle, and accepting and I felt more peace and comfort for days after her sessions with me.”

~ M.L.

“Barbara’s intelligence, empathy, strength, and intuition come together to make her a wise and effective Spiritual Energy Facilitator.”

~ Tess

“Barbara is the real deal. She offers healing without ego, judgment or preconceived ideas. I am grateful for her gifts and intuitive skills and I highly recommend her healing services.”

~ Claudia M.

“Barbara has the divine gift of holding space for others to connect, in their own way, and their own time, to spirit and the messages that you’re meant to receive.”

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